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Star Cross-Reference Table Column Headings

Const Standard 3-letter abbreviation of constellation name
Bayer ref Bayer letter, plus component number where appropriate
Flamsteed no Flamsteed number
Star name Common star name (note some names have been applied to more than one star)
GCVS ref GCVS reference
GCVS no GCVS number
SAO no SAO number
Star no Meade alignment star number
Max mag Magnitude (maximum magnitude if variable)
Min mag Minimum magnitude
Comp sep Component separation (arc seconds)
Spectral type Spectral type of star (sometimes more than one value for multiple systems)
RA hr Right ascension hours
RA min Right ascension minutes
RA sec Right ascension seconds
DEC +- Declination sign
DEC deg Declination degrees
DEC min Declination minutes
DEC sec Declination seconds
Pos err Position error (arc minutes - see note below)

All co-ordinate values are epoch J2000. These values have either been taken directly from ADC sources or have been calculated from earlier epoch values.

A position error value represents the difference between the co-ordinates known to the LX200 and the current values due to the precession of the Earth's axis of rotation. Most values are small enough to be of little concern.