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Deep Sky Object Cross-Reference Data For LX200 Users

Although my main purpose in creating this web site was to make the star cross-reference data available, I have also included tables cross-referencing those deep sky objects that are contained in the LX200's database. You can access them by Messier, NGC, IC or UGC catalogue numbers, by constellation or through an alphabetical list of deep sky object names. Please be aware that many objects have more than one name, so there are quite a few "duplicate" entries in this latter table.

You can download the entire data set as a (WinZip compressed) text file with fields delimited by semi-colons. There are about 22,000 rows of data, so please be aware that because of the 16K maximum row limit in Excel 95 you won't be able to load it into an Excel spreadsheet unless you have Excel 97 or later.

For an explanation of the table column headings I have used please click here.