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Deep Sky Object Table List

Click on the links in the table below to browse the constellation data. The first entry in the table will take you to the alphabetical list of deep sky object names, the second to the list by Messier catalogue number and those on the bottom two rows allow you to directly look up NGC, IC or UGC numbers, each with a link back to its entry in the constellation table to which it belongs.

Alphabetical DSO Names DSOs by Messier Catalogue Number
Andromeda Cancer Circinus Draco Lacerta Musca Pisces Austrinus Taurus
Antlia Canes Venatici Columba Equuleus Leo Norma Puppis Telescopium
Apus Canis Major Coma Berenices Eridanus Leo Minor Octans Pyxis Triangulum
Aqilla Canis Minor Corona Australis Fornax Lepus Ophiuchus Reticulum Triangulum Australe
Aquarius Capricornus Corona Borealis Gemini Libra Orion Sagitta Tucana
Ara Carina Corvus Grus Lupus Pavo Sagittarius Ursa Major
Aries Cassiopeia Crater Hercules Lynx Pegasus Scorpius Ursa Minor
Auriga Centaurus Crux Horologium Lyra Perseus Sculptor Vela
Bootes Cepheus Cygnus Hydra Mensa Phoenix Scutum Virgo
Caelum Cetus Delphinus Hydrus Microscopium Pictor Serpens Volans
Camelopardalis Chamaeleon Dorado Indus Monoceros Pisces Sextans Vulpecula
NGC Lookup 1 (1 - 3931) NGC Lookup 2 (3932 - 7840) IC Lookup 1 (1 - 2711) IC Lookup 2 (2712 - 5386)
UGC Lookup 1 (1 - 3239) UGC Lookup 2 (3240 - 6472) UGC Lookup 3 (6473 - 9704) UGC Lookup 4 (9705 - 12921)